STAL. Santo André Lusitanos

At the Santo André stables we actively promote the academic Portuguese-rooted art of riding, which has been taught at this location for over 50 years by renowned riding masters like Mestre Nuno Oliveira, Mestre Guilherme Borba, D. Diogo de Bragança, Professor Celestino da Costa and António Borba Monteiro.

Santo Andr� Lusitanos

Riding School

Riding School

We specialize in the Lusitano horse. Our ultimate goal is to mantain and foster our students’ passion for horses, gradually feeling the animals’ grandeur and respecting them at all times.



For us, competition (Dressage) is considered as a discipline and not an end in itself. We believe in the development of a relationship of mutual understanding and confidence between the horse and the rider as a relationship between equals.

Equestrian Tourism

Equestrian Tourism

Peacefully and deeply enjoy the Lusitano horse in its academic milieu… Learn about its past, understand its evolution from being an animal used in the fields side by side with bulls, and above all the experience of feeling the air above the ground.

Our Horses

Our horses

The contact, interaction, mutual confidence and training of horses enable one to obtain a privileged understanding of the animal’s temperament and talents, that, under meticulous training will let him shine with his rider in various disciplines

With our “Lusitano Horses” and our “Team’s” experience we aspire to provide a variety of top quality services in the following areas: Training School, Competition, Horse Breeding, Equestrian Tourism, Event Promotion and Animal Acquisition.

Riding School

For children and adults.

Just a few minutes from the center of Lisbon, our facilities are located in the tradition ridden Casal de Santo André (stables), where one finds an atmosphere of enthusiasm and dedication to learn and teach the Art of Horsemanship. In a family and cozy environment, students are able to enjoy the Lusitano Horse taught by highly experienced and dedicated instructors, under the guidance of António Borba Monteiro, a disciple of Guilherme Borba, both of whom are Masters at the Portuguese Equestrian Art School.

Iberian Dressage Cup

The Iberian Dressage Cup / CDI, promoted and organized in Portugal by Santo André Lusitanos – Associação Equestre, is an international competition accredited by the International Equestrian Federation.

It is one of the top events to display the excellence of the unique heritage Lusitano Horse, an excellent sporting mount for international competitions, having made significant progress over the last few years in these events.


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