In the words of Manoel Carlos de Andrade in the 18th century" Men, whose profession is the Noble Art of Cavalry, are as we have said before, quite esteemed, as good horse riders must have the following qualities: they must have dexterity, values and prudence, a penetrating understanding, particular knowledge of philosophy and of the laws of movement, inclination for excellent horses and aversion to the more useless ones, a haughty and yet docile temperament, a large soul and an intelligent, elevated and discursive judgment". Horsemen

Martim Ferreira da CunhaMartim Ferreira da Cunha

Rider at Santo Andre Lusitanos since 2014. Studied Horses Management at Alter do Chão, and made a Specialization at Cadre Noir Saumur. Martim is the supervisor of all activities at STAL. And coordinates the work with starter and young riders. Languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.

Francisco Corrêa HenriquesFrancisco Corrêa Henriques

Disciple of António Monteiro Borba since 1998, competes since 2002. Has a degree in management masters in finance from Universidade Católica Portuguesa. His functions are rider and provides technical support in the management and promotion of various activities of STAL. Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.