"Our Studs” are leaders in the promotion and support of national values, each year ensuring, in conjunction with other sponsors, the organization of this important Competition and respective Trophy which offers our Riders and horses the opportunity to participate in Top of the World Competitions.


The Iberian Dressage Cup is exclusively open to Riders on Purebred Lusitano or Purebred Spanish horses.

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Iberian Dressage Cup

The Iberian Dressage Cup CDI3* promoted and organized in Portugal by Santo André Lusitanos – Equestrian Association, is an international competition sealed and approved by the International Equestrian Federation.

The Iberian Dressage Cup CDI3* is one of the greatest opportunities to witness the excellence of the Lusitano horse, unique heritage, which is beginning to assert himself as an internationally competitive sport horse, proving in the last years significant progress in this field.

The Iberian Dressage Cup was initiated in 2004 and provided the possibility to our horses and riders to internationalize in our country and thus qualify for major sports events.

Since the beginning of the Iberian Dressage Cup, Portugal was represented in the European Championship, World Championships, and the Olympic Games by teams composed solely of Lusitano horses and riders demonstrating the importance of this event for the lusitano world.


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